Shooting photography for furniture can be tricky. Not only do you have to show the piece of furniture from every angle, you’re also dealing with lighting issues depending on where you take the pictures. Luckily, part of DeMeyer’s renovations included a huge expansion to our showroom and warehouse, along with some sections of the store to help connect the two. In the future, we’ll be shooting original shots of all of our furniture pieces that come off the truck, into our warehouse, and onto our showroom floor.

What this means, is that we’ll be able to provide our customers with real-life images of our actual showroom floor furniture pieces and accessories sometime in the near future. Often times. there’s a divide between pictures of products you see on a website and what they actually look like in a store. Normally colors and textures are slightly off, so seeing furniture in person is often a better decision before dropping serious money.

Many stylistics shots of the store were taken by Boise-based company, Thrive Product Studio, who specializes in product images, editing and catering to Amazon product photography clients. Our new website shows many shots of different showroom sections to give our customers an idea of just how big our inventory truly is.